Ninth Harmonic Mandala by Chris Flisher
Ninth Harmonic Mandala by Chris Flisher


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Chris' artwork is inspired by the classical Indian language of Sanskrit. It seeks to represent wholeness; the connectedness of all things, and to serve as a model for the organizational structure of life itself—a universal model that reminds us of our relation to the infinite; a world that extends both beyond and within our bodies and minds.

Experience the joy of color, form, and function with a unique gift. These wonderful expressions of optimism and light can be yours. The art is perfect on coffee mugs, T-shirts, note cards, tiles and limited edition signed prints. Share the magic, spread the word, and embrace the color.

Chris Flisher's Mandala Arts

Each piece is an original artwork created by Chris Flisher and can be purchased as limited edition prints or printed on textiles and housewares. Please for more information.

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Mercy Mercy Me Mandala Astrologic Mandala 12 pt Lotus Mandala Astro Mathematica Mandala Bandala Mandala Blueness Greeness Mandala
Buddha Mandala Buddha Bodhi Tree Mandala Chakra Sixth Mandala Cirque D'Ole Mandala Columbus Mandala Compass Prose Mandala
Divine Convention Mandala Divine Intervention Mandala Dorje Mandala Eclipsepalian Mandala Egyptology Mandala I Scream Mandala
Fire Lotus Mandala Forgivenesss Mandala Gold Beginnings Mandala Good n Plenty Mandala Gradient Transcendance Mandala Hope Floats Mandala
Jasmine Mandala Lotus Floats Mandala Lotus Lovely Mandala Magic Carpet Ride Mandala Moonar Phases Mandala Ninth Harmonic Mandala
OM Shanti Mandala OM Mandala OM Man Padme Mandala OM Sweet OM Mandala Pillow of Winds Mandala Potentiality Mandala
Ball of Confusion Mandala Purple Lotus Mandala Real of Fortune Mandala Sadhu Mandala Samadhi Mandala Soleil Mandala
So What Mandala Spoken Word Mandala Starman Mandala Tabula Rasa Mandala Tandoori Mandala Tarajani Mudra Mandala
Words Mandala Wordly Mandala You Da Buddha Mandala Zodiac Mandala Love Mandala Pumpkin Head Mandala

Mandala skins for your stuff.
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Dream Circles Mandala Puzzle by Chris Flisher

MANDALAS – Spirit In Art by Chris Flisher
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